2 DAYS LEFT to Order Water For People’s Holiday Gift Basket!

Water For People's Holiday Gift Basket That Gives

Water For People’s Holiday Gift Basket That Gives

Sow Good is proud to partner with Water for People and their GIRLS initiative.  You can help, too, by purchasing one of these great holiday gift baskets, valued at $100, for just $35.  All profits from the holiday gift baskets will go toward Water For People’s work to create more opportunities, empowerment, and brighter futures for girls worldwide – a future that starts with access to clean water.  For details and to purchase click here.

poster (4) (1)You have TWO DAYS left to order the Holiday Baskets and have them arrived by December 24!  Also, and order placed by Friday, December 20, will get FREE SHIPPING and a FREE GIRLS poster. 

What is the GIRLS campaign all about?

For most of us, the idea that water could keep us from going to school, doing our job, and providing for our families is a strange one – even impossible. But for millions of women and girls around the world, that scenario is a day-to-day reality. Opportunities, choices, and bright futures don’t stand a chance against devastating and deadly illnesses, lost productivity, and childhoods cut short.

We can #ChangeThat though, and it starts with water.

Each day, women and girls worldwide spend 152 million work hours collecting water. That’s time better spent in a classroom, earning an income, or participating in community activities. For young girls, it’s time they could be playing, studying, and dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up.

Girls in developing countries are at a disadvantage from the start – they are more likely to suffer health problems, more likely to miss school, and more likely to marry at an early age and bear children before they have fully matured. Despite our best intentions to change that, it’s only possible to give girls a head start on life if we start with water.

No water, no girls, no future. #ChangeThat


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