It’s Sow Good to be Squeaky Clean!

Clean-RoomWe’re so sorry for the long hiatus and can’t believe how much time has passed since our last post.  We’d like to say that we’ve been kicking back and relaxing all winter in some tropical paradise, but we’ve actually been busy doing something even more fun!

While our Sales staff has been attending shows all over the US and Canada, working to get our Sow Good products placed on some store shelves near you, our Operations staff has been putting the final touches on our brand-spanking-new clean room.

What’s a clean room, you ask?  The short answer is that it is a room in our manufacturing plant where we can completely control the environment and eliminate any unwanted airborne particles or contaminants.

We have mixing tanks, filling and production lines and people in groovy uniforms.  Even though all our Sow Good fragrances and bath products are tested internally, and by a third party testing facility, having this room improves our processes and helps us keep everything as clean as possible.

It’s a huge accomplishment for everyone involved in the planning and building of the room.  They’ve overcome tremendous challenges in our nearly-50 year old facility, from plumbing to air filtration, but it has all been worth it.  Now we’ll be even better at producing your favorite Sow Good products!

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