Meet Ana… Win Prizes!

Access to closer and improved water has given Ana five hours a day that she didn’t have before. Her time now goes to making these beautiful, wide-brimmed, woven hats that she sells at the local market in her village of Pamesebal IV, Guatemala.

Ana is one of the many people whose life has been drastically changed for the better, thanks to Water for People.  When you donate just a few dollars to Water for People’s Time Well Spent $2 Million Challenge, running through the end of the month, you will help so many more!

Just two years ago, Ana was spending her days making the long trek to wait for an expensive water truck or carrying laundry back and forth to the river. But Water For People partnered with the community and local government in the municipality of Santa Cruz del Quiche to work toward water access for everyone in the area. Now, Ana has a tap at her home, several more hours per day to weave hats and a steady income to help her family.

Success stories like Ana’s are why, this year, we’ve joined with our partner Water For People to change the way millions of women around the world spend their time. Will you join us in supporting Water For People by donating now to make women and girls’ TIME WELL SPENT?

In addition to making a real difference in people’s lives, your donation will earn you the chance to win awesome prizes! Right now if you donate $28, you’ll be entered to win one of our signature Sow Good Generosity Natural Eau De Parfums. Plus, we are also giving away 10 custom Generosity beauty bags! You only have until September 30th, so please donate today.

Sow Good is proud to donate a portion of all our sales to Water for People, so each time you purchase a Sow Good product, you are already supporting this fine charity.  However, to make a more direct contribution, and get a chance to win some great prizes, please check out the Challenge.

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