What do Emery Boards and Baseball Have in Common?

Like a Home Run for your Heart. 🙂

Last year, we donated some emery boards to Holland Elementary School in Pennsylvania for a yearlong project.  We recently got this really great thank-you letter, which made us so proud to have helped.  Please read it and follow the links to learn more about the project!

(…) last summer I emailed your company seeking support for a yearlong classroom service learning project.   As a teacher of students with severe cognitive and physical disabilities I am constantly looking for creative ways to help the children generalize the skills taught in a small group setting, engage with their peers, and build social and community awareness.  The project that you helped support accomplished exactly this!

We partnered with students in an Autistic support program at another school to give the children an opportunity to work outside of their normal comfort zone and expand their friendship circles.  All year long the students designed and created beautiful friendship bracelets, lanyards, bookmarks, pens and pencils.  The children then worked together to hold a school wide friendship bracelet sale.

The culminating event occurred on the last day of school when we donated the proceeds from the sale to The Miracle League of Northampton http://www.miracleleaguenhpal.org.   This amazing organization builds baseball and sports fields for individuals with disabilities.  Many of the students participating in this project play on one of The Miracle League teams.  After creating more than 1000 unique pieces we were able to donate $2000 to The Miracle League.

Without your consideration and generosity we would not have been able to accomplish this amazing feat.  So, thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!  This project means so much to the children I work with and has amazing benefits.  Your donation of emery boards helped the children to scuff up the plastic edges of mechanical pencils and pens before they could wrap them with floss to create beautiful and unique writing instruments. They felt so much more confident and had greater success once the smooth plastic had been roughed up.

Below are links to some of the publicity the project received and … letters from some of the children.  Your generosity contributed to the success of this project and I can’t thank you enough.

Forever grateful,
Melanie Kiker
5-6 Intensive Learning Support
Holland Elementary





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