I Pity the Tool…

Sad, isn’t it?

Apologies to anyone unfamiliar with the ‘80s TV series The A-Team because you probably won’t find this title very amusing, but I couldn’t resist the bad reference.  Truth be told, sometimes I just want my inner voice to sound like B.A. Baracus.  But enough about me, let’s move on to our sad tale.

Picture the scene: a cluttered bathroom drawer with a lot of typical extras – combs, brushes, replacement razor blades, deodorant – and our featured cast of beauty tools.  Imagine the unhappy nail clipper with a loose, slippery handle that slides out to the side every time someone tries to squeeze it.  Or the unaligned tweezers with thick tips that tug and slip off every hair instead of removing it.  What about the cuticle nippers that pull and tear the skin rather than snipping it off?  These poor tools, cast away in the drawer, deserve your pity.  Don’t they?  Doesn’t their plight make you want to call in a crackerjack team of ex-military men, who’ve escaped from their unjust imprisonment and drive around in their awesome van helping those in need?!  Sorry, I got carried away.  But the answer is probably “NO!” if you’re the person who tried to use these tools and ended up with jagged and crushed nails, sore, overgrown eyebrows and ragged cuticles.  Then you’re probably feeling more irritation than pity.

Seriously, though.  I know the average person doesn’t give a lot of thought to beauty tools, so this imagined story of woe is probably way too a bit much.  But, we should really think of them (a little) because it’s hard to be well groomed without them.  The right tools make routine grooming quick and easy and, if you’re a “buy one and be done” kind of person, you’ll be glad to know that the right tool can last a lifetime.  So, with lots of brands to choose from, how do you know you’re getting a tool that will work well for years and not one that you’ll end up throwing angrily in a drawer or in the trash?  It can be trial and error, but the key is to find a company whose quality you trust and whose return policy is generous.

At Sow Good, we still source our key beauty tools in Europe from vendors that we know and trust.  We’ve been doing this since 1968 and have always focused on providing customers with the best quality products at the most affordable prices.  We also back all our metal tools with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee.  We will repair or replace any damaged tool, for free, for life.

So, if you buy a Sow Good beauty tool that somehow sneaked through our strict quality checks with a defect, or if a spring has broken over time, you can feel confident that we’ll repair or replace it.  No junk drawers, no landfills, no frustration, no wasted time or money.  And, no reason to pity our tools.  That’s our promise to you.  And now that you have that out of the way, you can go back to thinking less about beauty tools and more about the important things.  Like saving the planet.  Or A-Team re-runs.  I love it when a plan comes together.  🙂


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