Baby Steps for New Moms

Some people have been conscious about what they eat and put on their skin for ages, but some folks are just starting to get interested in natural products.  Many of them are new moms who are looking for the best options for their babies.  These moms are hungry for the truth about product safety and serious about avoiding potentially harmful ingredients.  But the reality is that there are SO MANY choices for baby, that it’s overwhelming.

At Sow Good, we don’t want to add to the confusion.  We believe that we’re making the best possible baby washes and we’ve had our formulas certified by the Natural Products Association so that you can see, with a glance at the label, that you’re getting a truly natural product.

So, you don’t have to have a degree in chemistry or be an expert on every ingredient to get the best for your baby.  If you’re just starting out with natural personal care products, congratulations!  Like all things in life, this is a learning process and everyone has to start at the beginning.  We’re happy that you’ve found Sow Good and hope we’ll be just one of the many healthy choices you’ll make for yourself and your family.


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