Multitasking Washes Work Hard, So You Don’t Have To!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the products in your shower?  Are your toes in danger of being squashed by falling bottles because there’s just no room for all your shampoos, conditioners, body washes and shave products?  Have you accidentally used conditioner as a body wash because you grabbed the wrong bottle?  If you said “yes!” to any of these things, then we’re here to help.  Sow Good is like the superhero of shower clutter cleanup.  We’re about to make your life simple.  🙂

We definitely get why people have specialized products for hair, body and shaving.  We’ve been there.  Can you imagine using a drug store shaving cream on your hair?  But that’s why multitasking was so important to us when we developed Sow Good.  Our NPA Certified bath products are so gentle that you can use them on every part of your body.  They are filled with nourishing, natural cleansers and moisturizers so they’ll get you squeaky clean but won’t dry out your skin or hair.  They also provide a slick, smooth, comfortable shave.  There’s really no reason to mess with multiple products in the shower when you can grab one and be done.

So please give Sow Good a try.  You owe it to your skin, your hair and your terrified toes to replace your shower clutter with a single, natural 3-in-1 that can do it all.  And don’t worry.  We won’t ask how many products you plan to replace with one bottle of Sow Good.  We’re here to help, not judge.  But if you want to email us some before and after photos of your shower, we’ll be happy to add them to the post!


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