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Put Away Your Chemistry Set, We Have Your Natural Fine Fragrance Blends!

Fragrance is a very personal and wonderful way to lift your spirits, recall a special moment or bring you comfort.  But traditional fragrances are loaded with chemicals. It’s much easier to achieve a beautiful, nuanced scent with distinct top, middle and base notes when you use synthetic ingredients. So, what’s a girl to do if […]

Sow Good featured in newhope 360º!

Thanks to newhope 360º for featuring our Generosity Eau de Parfum Rollerball in their article 5 natural beauty products from NPA MarketPlace 2012!

Multitasking Washes Work Hard, So You Don’t Have To!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the products in your shower?  Are your toes in danger of being squashed by falling bottles because there’s just no room for all your shampoos, conditioners, body washes and shave products?  Have you accidentally used conditioner as a body wash because you grabbed the wrong bottle?  If you said […]

Natural Bath for the Whole Family!

We recognize that, while natural bath products are a healthy choice for everyone, not everyone has the same needs or preferences. The last time I checked, my husband didn’t want to smell flowery when he got out of the shower. In fairness, my mom doesn’t want to smell sporty or manly. And many babies are […]

Sow Good on Vegas Morning Blend!

The Morning Blend, Thursday, Jun 14, 2012 Natural Products MarketPlace  Thanks to The Morning Blend for featuring us in a story on the Natural Products Marketplace in Las Vegas! Click here to watch:

Sow Good NPA Certified Bath has Arrived!

We’re thrilled to be offering our entire line of NPA Certified bath products on our online store at Since the products are new, they might be a little hard to find at retail but, if you want to try them, why wait? I know that there are a lot of bath brands in the […]